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each flower

has its own identity

metti un fiore

metti un fiore

“There are sweet flowers and savory flowers, some neutral and others spicy, each flower has its own identity…”

For their unique characteristics, we produce about 16 varieties of edible flowers in over 40 colors on over 30,000 square meters of greenhouses.


More than six years ago the decision was made to convert the greenhouses for growing salads into edible flower production; the product is grown soilless in substrate bins to facilitate the manual harvest;

The flowers are not organic only because they are grown off the ground and the current organic legislation does not allow this practice. We produce 12 months a year thanks to the protected cultivation, the greenhouses are heated during the winter and shaded during the hot summer periods.

After harvesting, the flowers are placed directly inside r-PET trays (RECYCLED PLASTIC) which allow them to be kept for over 10 days after harvest if properly stored in the refrigerator.

The product is shipped in a few hours from the harvest to the main Italian fruit and vegetable markets, to various national and European large-scale retailers and through our online shop;

two years ago we implemented the transformation of the flower through the use of a Swiss patented dehydrator that works at a temperature below 30 ° C and allows the product to maintain color and shape. The process lasts an average of 36 hours and a product with a residual level of humidity between 2/3% is obtained.

The main consumers of flowers are operators in the world who use it in “gourmet” preparations of cooking and pastry and as a natural “garnish” in the world of cocktails and mixing.

All orders placed from 12.00 on Thursday will be processed on the following Monday morning to avoid the storage of the fresh product in the DHL warehouses.Ok