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nasturtium leaves

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You eat everything about nasturtium: from seeds to flowers, right up to the leaves. The seeds are similar to capers in shape and taste, while the flowers are a favorite of chefs due to their vivid yellow or orange hue, aromatic flavor and delicate texture. In the kitchen the leaves are used to give a spicy touch to the preparations: with a very pleasant and slightly spicy flavor, they recall the taste of mustard.

You can buy them fresh or dehydrated!


the recipes

Try out new things in the kitchen with our recipes! From simple dishes to the more elaborate preparations, the quality and originality of our products will enhance the taste and visual appeal of your recipes.

Scallops with nasturtium leaf pesto

Salad with persimmon and nasturtium leaves

English sandwich with cucumber and dried nasturtium leaves

Bruschetta with flower pesto and Nasturtium leaves

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