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butterfly pea

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BUTTERFLY PEA (blue pea flower) - 100% made in Italy

The “Metti un fiore” butterfly pea grows in our production greenhouses together with 14 other varieties of edible flowers and is a 100% Italian product. It is dehydrated immediately after harvesting at a temperature below 30 ° which allows to maintain the color and characteristics of the flower.

Dehydrated flowers are naturally rich in anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that release an intense royal blue color, in contact with liquid substances with a basic pH, and a seductive shade of purple, in contact with substances with an acid pH.

This flower is completely odorless and tasteless and therefore suitable for many uses in the kitchen as a natural dye.


how to use

The butterfly pea is a very interesting and delicate fresh flower for the decoration of dishes; its real magic, however, is its natural ability to color any liquid it comes into contact with blue, even at room temperature.

The more chopped the flower is used, the faster the release reaction of the color pigments.


where to use

Creams and ice creams: the dehydrated flowers must be chopped and placed inside a solution of water or milk and then used to color or variegate creams, puddings, ice creams, cheesecakes and smoothies.


Bread and sweet leavened products: the flowers must be diluted in a little water or milk for the preparation of bread, brioches, bases for cakes and doughs.


Rice: for the preparation of white rice the flowers are put in the cooking water, while for the risotto the final creaming is done with a little dehydrated flower powder.


Pasta: used in the dough and previously diluted in very little water, the flowers naturally tinge blue. Drinks and cocktails: the dehydrated product is chopped and placed inside the drink to color in just a few seconds.


Our advice is to use the dehydrated product.

With basic Ph → BLUE color and with acid Ph → VIOLET color.

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