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Pumpkin risotto with coffee and flowers

Pumpkin risotto with coffee and flowers



Ingredients for 4 servings:
pumpkin to taste
320 g of rice
extra virgin olive oil to taste
shallot to taste
½ stock cube
salt to taste.
black pepper to taste
1 knob of butter
80 g of Grana cheese
roasted coffee to taste
mixed dehydrated flowers
mixed dried flowers


Prepare the risotto base with shallots and extra virgin olive oil, cook the pumpkin cubes, add water from time to time. When the pumpkin is ready, remove it and blend it to create a cream. In the same base, toast the risotto and cook it by adding salt and pepper and a few toasted and minced coffee beans. Almost at the end of cooking, add the pumpkin cream and whisk with butter and parmesan cheese. Serve with some roasted coffee beans and flowers.

the recipes

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