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Flavored salt with flowers

Flavored salt with flowers

Edible flowers for flavoring? They have been used since ancient times even if over time they have been gradually undermined by spices and aromas with a more marked and decisive taste.
Why not go back to basics and use FLAVORED SALT WITH FLOWERS to add to your dishes?




SALT: you can use common table salt or try varieties with special characteristics such as Himalayan pink salt, Persian blue or Hawaiian black salt.
DRIED EDIBLE FLOWERS: use L’Insalata dell’Orto edible dried flowers.


Combine the salt and the flowers in the desired quantity (about 10 or 15% of the flowers and the remaining 90 or 95% of the salt). Transfer the mixture obtained to a grinder and use it as needed on hot or cold dishes: it is a salt to be experimented, delicate and with light floral notes, suitable on vegetables, delicious on meats, perfect on fish and fresh cheeses.

the recipes

Try out new things in the kitchen with our recipes! From simple dishes to the more elaborate preparations, the quality and originality of our products will enhance the taste and visual appeal of your recipes.

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